ASK your Recruiter before your next Walk-in Interview

HR Industry has revolutionized itself within last 10 years and with this change there has been another major change in the attitude of a job seeker and the recruiter, which I believe most of the human resource professional would agree.

Nowadays some recruiters are spoofing recruiters, which are no assets to the organization or to a job seeker. These recruiters can also be label as database hunters; database can be high however quality is always degraded. Which is why it is recommended for a Job seeker be cautious while sharing their CV with recruiters.

Recruiters are over boarded with CV’s and hiring targets which bring the obvious fact of incomplete information or in some cases of desperate recruiter’s incorrect information, So ask at least these questions before your next Walk-In Interviews to save yourself from unnecessary rejections or wasting time.

  • Free or Paid Placement 
    Do not be hesitant to ask recruiter if the placement consulting services are free or paid. If paid do look into the service agreement or terms and conditions.
  • Hiring Company 
    These questions asked by 70% of job seekers and in this 70% case 20% cases is pre informed about company name however information about company may not be included.  It is better to know and research about the company you might want to work or if the company servers your ongoing professional career graph.
  • Job Description 
    Most job applicants and new recruiters are not fully aware for what all information should be included while exchanging job description, which leads to hiring failure besides cost and as well as resources, which is is required and plays a vital role for such roles. Do ask for job specifications from recruiter if you need some information which is not listed.
  • Joining Period 
    It’s important to confirm Joining period before you plan for Walk-In interview, if you are currently working then do look into payoff and other relevant details.
  • Documentation 
    Educational and professionals summary are must and submitting them while receiving offer letter is obvious however submitting them just for a walk-in interview is not a good advisable. You must keep a track of your official transcript that you submit to various vendors to avoid misuse.

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